Approach to Therapy

Therapy = Storytelling

Many cultures and communities maintain robust life and health by having their story telling traditions, from riddles, and proverbs, to legends and superstitions. Storytelling circles, novels, films, Sunday dinners and radio programs give way to experiences and lessons in growing up, love, learning, pain so that others may know they are not alone. So that we can heal.

And what about your story?

I strongly feel that therapy is a way of honoring your untold story, your struggles, achievements, and dreams.

We have the safety of confidentiality in our sessions, so our time together remains a private and sacred space for you to understand and heal, to craft and own your experience - your story.

And above all, therapy shouldn't be intimidating. You can expect me to be warm, compassionate, honest, humorous and insightful. I will also be challenging you at times, since therapy is all about work, but more Jiminy Cricket than a Drill Sargent.

I combine traditional talk psychotherapy with expressive art therapy approaches to help you think outside the box. In addition, I enjoy educating and using mindfulness practices such as meditation and mind-body exercises, pop cultural references, and an occasional take home assignment to help further your self-exploration.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers
verified by Psychology Today