Below is a compilation of several supports that may be helpful to you in your healing and self-discovery journey.

Guided Meditations        

Yoga Nidra (24 minutes)       Body Scan Meditation (10 minutes)      Present Moment Meditation (20 minutes)

Book Recommendations

Smartphone Apps

..::Help in the palm of your hands::..

Calm             Headspace              Pacífica

Unstuck          Today          Insight          Clue (for ladies)

Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience


..::Portable knowledge for listening pleasure::..

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Stuff You Should Know 

Black Girl In Om             Good News

Self Development


Free Information Resources

  • Your Skillful Means Wiki - a resource from the Wellspring Institute with ideas for coping skills to try out

  • Happify

  • Coursera - offers online college-style courses on a variety of topics(Free, unless applying for a certificate)


  • Wise Brain Bulletin - a bi-monthly newsletter with thoughts and tips on managing life stressors and challenges

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